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Guidelines for Assisted Living Placement: What Are the Requirements?

People may need assistance with daily activities such as bathing and dressing as they age. Assisted living is a viable option for those who need help with these activities but do not want to live in a long-term care facility. However, patients must meet specific requirements before they can reside in a West Point assisted living facility.

What Do Assisted Living Facilities Provide?

Assisted living facilities typically offer housekeeping, meal preparation, and assistance with daily activities. Some assisted living facilities also have on-site healthcare staff to help residents with more serious medical problems or coordinate care with other healthcare professionals. While these facilities do not provide the same level of care as a long-term nursing home, they offer residents a safe and comfortable place to live where they get the help they need as they grow older.

Daily Assistance

Personal care services are part of the services at many assisted living communities, which can be helpful for those residents who are independent but still need help with day-to-day activities. For example, most assisted living facilities help with bathing, dressing, eating, bathroom use, and walking.

They also usually offer transportation services for doctor’s appointments or other events outside the facility. In addition to helping with activities in the home, some assisted living facilities have social activities or outings for their residents. 

For example, they may plan regular shopping trips or host social events in the community. These services make it easier for residents to take care of themselves to enjoy their independence for as long as possible.

Health Assistance

Assisted living facilities also offer health services for residents who may need additional help with their care, including managing chronic conditions and administering medications. These facilities often have on-site nurses who can advise on managing health conditions and preventing illness. 

They may also have a resident nurse who works with other caregivers to ensure that residents receive appropriate care. Many assisted living facilities are licensed to provide nursing care to short-term patients who need extra help during a medical crisis, such as hospitalization. This approach gives them the flexibility to meet the needs of their patients without the expense of having a licensed full-time nurse on staff.

Sense of Community

Many assisted living facilities foster a strong sense of community among their residents by providing various social and recreational activities. This support system can help residents make new friends and socialize with other facility members. Some facilities also have recreational facilities such as exercise rooms, swimming pools, and bocce courts. 

Although assisted living facilities do not provide health care or social services in the traditional sense, they offer many activities available in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. In addition, they provide more independence for their residents, which helps them maintain a sense of dignity and self-worth.

What Are the Requirements for an Assisted Living Facility?

For older adults to move into an assisted living facility, they must meet specific guidelines for assisted living placement regarding their medical history and need for residential care first. These guidelines for assisted living placement include the following:

  • The person must be over 62 or have proof of disability.
  • The person must need assistance with one or more daily living activities.
  • The person must be able to live independently in their home and afford to rent or purchase a unit in the assisted living facility.
  • The person must be able to make decisions about their medical care.
  • The facility must be licensed to provide residential accommodations for the types of services the resident needs.
  • The person’s doctor must approve the move to an assisted living facility.

Meeting these requirements is the first step in finding an assisted living facility that meets the needs of the person living at the facility and the family members who will be taking care of them. The placement process relies on a decision from the guardianship board regarding the eligibility of the person seeking care and what is best for that person at that point in time.

Once a person meets the criteria, they can begin looking for an appropriate facility that meets their care requirements and budget. It is generally best to start this process as soon as possible since there are a limited number of available units in most communities.

Cost of Assisted Living

Most senior living facilities offer several payment options allowing a person to receive the care they need without having to spend all of their savings on the fees associated with the facility. For example, depending on the facility and the person’s financial situation, they may have the option of paying for some or all of their care through Medicaid or Medicare. 

Another option is private pay, where a person pays for their care out of their own funds rather than receiving assistance from the government. If the cost of care is a concern, it is essential to discuss the different options with the facility staff to determine whether there is a way to make the payments more affordable.

Any reputable assisted living facility will do its utmost to work with potential residents to ensure they can afford the care they receive. Doing so brings peace of mind to all parties.

Learn More About Assisted Living Today

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