Are Assisted Living Facilities Regulated?

When you or a family member is entering the stage of life where you might need some form of Assisted Living, it can be a big undertaking to research, find, and move-in to a facility. You want to find the best possible place for the person you love, and there are plenty of horror stories about poor assisted living locations.

One question you might have on your mind is – are living facilities regulated, or are they allowed to do anything they want?

Every state has requirements and organizations that ensure assisted living facilities meet standards. People regularly audit assisted living facilities to ensure they are in quality shape.

Read on to learn more about assisted living facilities ; commonly called Nursing Homes as well as Personal Care, Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities and the regulation they receive. Plenty of people work to keep these locations in excellent shape for the benefit of their elderly patrons. There is sure to be a place your loved one can comfortably call home.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

What Regulates Assisted Living Facilities?

States are in charge of the regulation of assisted living facilities. The federal government does not take responsibility for these locations, which means regulations differ by state. However, it’s critical to note that assisted living facilities receive more regulation than assisted living communities.

The state will also regulate items like residential care homes, which provide a house of sorts for elderly residents to occupy. The state ensures everything is in working order; these regulations usually vary from state to state.

The state health department or social services tend to monitor and enforce regulations in a state nursing home. There is also a group called The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that provides ratings for various assisted living facilities.

Is There a License Requirement?

Before an assisted living facility can open, they need a license. A state agency will provide this license and then provide inspections once the location is in working order. 

A license is necessary because:

  • It provides the location is in quality condition to operate
  • It shows the state that there is a new assisted living facility to monitor
  • It ensures potential residents that they are in safe hands

Violations, also called deficiencies, are noted by the state when inspecting an assisted living facility verified with a license. The notations help to keep the location safe and comfortable for residents and the families involved. 

Do Regulations Differ By State?

Every state has varying systems and regulations that keep these locations on track to provide the best possible services for their participants.

It’s critical to research your state regulations before pursuing an assisted facility living situation. Research will:

  • Clarify which locations are the best
  • Understand what to expect from the system
  • Note if moving to a different state is the ideal choice

We advise you to do thorough research at every step of the process. When a client works with We Care Senior Solutions, they can rest assured that the facilities we work with are of the highest standards.

Many sites post state regulations for assisted living facilities. Check how often they are updated, what inspections look like, and any violations that have been reported. The more you know, the easier the process will be for your family.

Are Assisted Living Facilities in Pennsylvania Regulated?

The answer is yes; Assisted Living Residences and Facilities are regulated in the state of Pennsylvania. The department of Human Services has multiple documents outlining the regulations for assisted living facilities in areas such as COVID protocol and also mentions how often they will perform visits and checks at each facility.

You can rest assured knowing that the assisted living facility you, or your loved one, are living in are being held to high standards in the state of Pennsylvania. There are big differences between Assisted Living Facilities, commonly called Nursing Homes, which are government sponsored and funded and Personal Care, Assisted Living and Memory Care in Pennsylvania. You can reference The PA Department of Health and find Patient Care surveys as well as Building Safety surveys for Assisted Living Facilities/Nursing Homes here. State Inspection surveys and licensing information for Personal Care, Assisted Living and Memory care can be referenced here at the PA Department of Human Services, or you can find your Regional Office here.

Who Regulates Memory Care Facilities?

Memory care facilities are a little different. They work with patients that have had their memory impacted through forms of the aging disease. Who is in charge of the regulation of memory care facilities?

States that offer memory care facilities have implemented special requirements for facilities that help older patients with their failing memories. It takes more care to help achieve a quality standard of life in these cases, and different regulations are necessary.

Again, research will help you determine if a memory care facility is up to par. It’s critical to find a place that others have loved in the past. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the right assisted living facility can be a scary process. You want to find a place that offers quality care and makes your loved one comfortable. Assisted living facilities are regulated by states and have examinations to ensure locations meet the standards. Still, research will do you well in the process.
We hope this information was helpful! The more you know about assisted living facilities, the better the process. We Care Senior Solutions specializes in finding seniors or their loved ones the right Independent, Personal Care / Assisted Living and or Memory Care private pay Communities.  And are very happy to talk with you about the many differences between Assisted Living “Facilities,” and Senior Living “Communities.” This blog is intended to inform you about the process; however, we’d love to help you navigate these waters. If you need help finding a home for you or your loved one, please reach out to us by contacting us here.

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